Facebook and regaining brand trust

You might have seen the recent campaign Facebook has launched to defend its brand. In an attempt to reassure users that Facebook can be trusted and will improve, it has rolled out a massive advertising campaign.

The national campaign, created by Now We Collide, addresses the issues of online safety, privacy and hopefully restore the brand’s integrity. It has been going for over a month now and I have seen it online as video as well as seeing it on multiple posters at tram stops on the way to work. The advertising informs users about its efforts to clean up the fake news that has infiltrated user’s pages, combatting fake accounts and data misuse.

Following the recent data disaster with Cambridge Analytica, a rise in fake news and calls for the platform to be more transparent and open. It has become a type of apology campaign.


The campaign facing up to the fallout.

The posters are brutally simple with large statements in Facebook blue type followed by a brief supporting statement. With an understated link to the changes in Australia,  fb.me/changesAU where you can view the video campaign ‘Here Together’.

Will Easton, managing director, Facebook Australia and New Zealand: “We’ve listened to what Australians expect from us, and they expect action. It is our responsibility to make sure Facebook is a place where everyone can stay closer with the people they care about, and to make sure it’s a positive force in the world.”

“We hope this campaign will show that we take our responsibility seriously, and are working to improve Facebook for everyone in a way that enables communities to build and flourish.”

Katie Rigg-Smith, CEO (Australasia) of global media and marketing services company MindShare, said “The out of home campaign is focused on eye-level, longer dwell time formats across street furniture and transit to deliver more detailed information on how Facebook is changing. While Cinema will be used to celebrate the sixty second creative in a highly engaged environment.”



However, not everyone is warming to the campaign and there has been a spate of vandalism on the posters. In Sydney, several locations were vandalised changing the key message to ‘fake accounts are our friend’ and ‘fake news is our friend’.

So, how well is Facebook handling the fallout?

We have just seen one of the biggest single-day share drops in history. As US$120 billion was wiped off Facebook’s market value as it shares plunged 19% to $US176.26. The worst single-day evaporation of market value for any company. This comes after a month of the campaign launch, as people move away from Facebook, revenue and growth expectations have dropped. Keeping in mind this is one of the biggest brands of our time and has almost saturated the world market. It will be interesting to see where the Facebook brand goes next or is it the next myspace?

David Fry
Senior Designer & Writer

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