Our Branding Services

We help brands to identify, understand and connect with their Gen Y and Gen Z audiences.

To understand your brand challenges, we also need to understand your business objectives and ambition. We take this understanding and combine it with our robust methodology to craft a strategic branding approach to reach your business objectives.


Understanding your market is the first, critical step.

  • Services
  • Stakeholder and key influencer interviews
  • Target market focus groups
  • Peer and competitor market review

Before we can begin to build your brand we must first understand the context in which it will compete.

We gain the insights necessary to build long term brand value by researching you competitive market, aspirational peers, target audience or audiences and relevant consumer trends.


A strategicaly formed brand definition provides the layers of direction required for the foundation of any effective brand.

  • Services
  • Brand architecture
  • Audience profiling, segmenting & definition
  • Brand value proposition
  • Brand essence
  • Brand values
  • Brand beliefs
  • Brand personality
  • Positioning statement
  • Brand story
  • Key brand messaging
  • Name development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Operational brand frameworks

Inspired by the insights from the first phase of the project, our brand strategy process is highly consultative, built through a number of facilitated exercises to ensure a well considered and shared vision.

Our strategy comprises the layers of definition required to direct an organisation in all it does every day to bring the brand to life.

The brand definition process provides the clarity for brand naming should that be required by the business.


Translating brand strategy into viual language that inspires and influences.

  • Services
  • Brand mark design
  • Brand re-fresh
  • Secondary visual language development

Once a brand’s strategy is established the layers of definition provide the detailed brief required for effective brand identity design.

The design process is a blend of strategic and creative thinking, understanding the hidden meaning of iconography, the visual language associated with consumer trends and the way the individual millennial markets respond to brand imagery.


A consistent and cohesive brand experience in everything you say and do.

  • Services
  • Packaging
  • Product brochures & brand communications
  • Brand guidelines
  • Signage systems
  • Websites & digital communications
  • Social media, social and Adwords advertising
  • Branded environment & retail spaces
  • Above and below the line marketing campaigns
  • Annual reports & shareholder communications
  • Staff uniforms
  • Sales collateral
  • Internal document templates
  • Point of sale

This phase of the project starts with mapping all the current ways your brand connects with your audience as well as studying the customer journey from Phase Two for new opportunities.

For most brands not all touch points carry and equal influence, and so we like to ensure we understand the key brand activations to ensure we focus our energies on the 20% of brand applications that return 80% of the value.

We then translate the brand strategy and new brand visual language across all aspects of your brand’s market facing experience.


All successful brands start with a fully engaged workforce.

  • Services
  • Brand culturalisation tools
  • Brand culturalisation training
  • Brand experience ideation
  • Social influencer campaigns
  • Product development testing
  • Brand fan engagement

When we think of the most powerful millennial brands (Apple, Netflix, Uber, Spotify to name a few) we think of brands whose greatest asset is their workforce, made-up of fans as passionate as their customers.

The branding or rebranding process provides the opportunity to reengage staff, take their brand passion to the next level and set the foundation for building a business fueled from the inside by passionate brand champions.

We then look for opportunities to ignite the same level of engagement, passion and enthusiasm for your brand with your clients and customers.

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