Delicious brand refresh for health conscious Millennials

Ayomo brand identity design refresh outdoor sign

Fast casual yogurt brand pivots to keep pace with their fast moving Millennial audience.

We originally developed the brand for Ayomo early in the frozen yogurt trend. The original brand had a health / foodie value proposition,. But as the fast casual frozen yogurt bar space became over crowded, our client realised their core customers were millennials who were drawn to the healthy treating elements of the brand offer.

As a result of the increasing competition, our client developed a new business strategy that saw the Ayomo brand pivot from frozen yogurt to Healthy Pressed Juices and Snacks. The brand identity had been developed around the yoghurt offering, and so a new, evolved brand strategy, a fresh, product oriented brand identity, and a matching packaging design were called for.

Ayomo needed to transform their brand proposition from fast casual yogurt to healthy, convenient snacking with cold pressed juices at the heart of the brand. At a higher level, the new brand had to tap into the healthy foodie trend that is strong in the millennial market and was already resonating well with their millennial tribe.

Ayomo identity design brand mark logo

We developed a new differentiated consumer value proposition centered around ‘Guilt Free Indulgence’. The value proposition was supported by a belief system that healthy living does not mean going without, that fresh, raw, natural ingredients can be as craveworthy and delicious as sugar and fat when given the Ayomo treatment.

The original brand’s ‘food science’ approach was evolved into a platform of ‘nutritionally balanced, hand made, and deliciously healthy flavour combinations’.

Ayomo brand identity design Juice packaging range

Design solution
The new Ayomo brand identity was built around a simple, bold brand mark designthat featured a ‘Juice Drop A’. The brand mark was supported by a suite of equally simple brand symbols celebrating the ‘healthy, flavoursome and nutritious natural ingredients’ that are the new pillars of the brand.

A fresh colour palette was designed to differentiate product and create a rich and delicious, visual rainbow.

How we helped Ayomo to rebrand
We developed a fresh market review for Ayomoto ensure their new brand positioning, brand identity and packaging design stood them apart from the yogurt category they wished to leave behind. We also wished to ensure they they stood-out as a fresh new brand in the healthy snacking space.

Ayomo brand identity design Juice packaging

The Ayomo pivot has been a successful one with the brand playing it’s role in repositioning the business and its product offer. Ayomo used their new found clarity to identify a number of cafes, fast casual restaurants and retailers who shared their millennial community and become their pressed juice and healthy snack supplier. They also opened a number of small, healthy snacking booths in retail and shopping centers to provide a rich brand presence in busy retail environment. The result has been fast brand growth, seeing sales grow more than ten-fold in the first year since their relaunch.

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