Our branding for Bounce sparks a global millennial revolution

Bounce Entrance Sign

It’s not every day we get to steer a brand that ignites a global revolution and creates an entirely new category. Our branding for Bounce did just that.


Sitting down with our clients on a winter Saturday, we listened intently as they described a concept they had seen in the US of a large industrial shed filled with 100 interconnected trampolines. What they described was high on functional attributes, but struck us as lacking an emotional dimension required to create a brand to engage and ignite the millennial market they were looking to.

With a first site already leased and a goal to turn the concept into first a National and then an International chain over the next few years, we knew there was plenty of work to be done.

Bounce Environmental Graphic Wall


New concepts are a double edged sword. They have both the potential to create a new category, but also the demand to educate and inspire an audience from scratch.

If there is one demographic with the power to create a new global movement it is the millennial market. However, this same group of 8 to 28 year olds is notoriously difficult to inspire to join a revolution. Creating a brand with the spark to achieve these goals was our primary challenge.

Our secondary challenge was to turn a huge, empty industrial shed into a space with vibrancy, energy and imagination with just the right element of urban attitude to appeal to serious, Gen Y athletes at the same time as Gen Z kids and their mums.

Bounce Environmental Graphic Wall

Building a brand aimed at the Millennial market?


Whilst the concept was functionally well formed in the clients mind, we understood that to connect with their desired millennial audience, we were going to need to build a much stronger, emotional proposition for the brand.

We also identified that for the brand to engage and inspire an audience from 8 years to 28 years we had to get our core audience definition right. Our solution was to target an active urban 26 year old as our core customer. We knew that in this category, what was cool for a 26 year old would be cool for a 22-28 year old. Once we had the 22 year old audience engaged in the brand, the 18 year olds would follow. And what’s cool for an 18 year old is cool for a 15 & 16 year old. This would get our 12 years + audience engaged, which in turn would create the desired aspiration for their 8-10 year old younger siblings.

So how to transform a shed of tramplines into a brand proposition to connect with and excite the ‘too cool’ 26 year old active urbanites? We worked through this challenge with our clients exploring adrenaline sports such as extreme skiing, BMX, and skate boarding. The turning point was when we played the client a vid of a parkour training facility in the US. The energy and authentic street heritage of parkour was laden with the emotional dimensions the concept was crying out for. And what we showed the client in the video was how we could transform a cavernous indoor space into an amazing world where the rules of movement from the outside world didn’t apply.

Brand Strategy

We developed the central idea of ‘Freejumping’, the concept of moving about a space in a way not possible anywhere else other than in our concept. We defined a sense of freedom and adrenaline shared with the world’s parkour community – where everyday objects and environments were transformed into spaces and places for amazing feats of physical gymnastry.

We brainstormed the concept from a shed of trampolines to a freejumping universe. We developed a belief system built around the buzz of freejumping and the health benefits of the exercise it provided – keeping in mind our core customer, broad target audience and secondary parent audience.

“It was critical for the brand name, proposition and visual identity to clearly communicate the defining product attributes as well as the raw energy and attitude of the brand”, says David Ansett, Founder and Chief Creator of Brands at Truly Deeply.

“To ensure the brand’s visual language worked in such a large space we made the graphics even bolder than the space and using colour that turned a mass of concrete surface into a powerful graphic canvas.  To bring the outside ‘in’ a key design element was repurposing the idea of concrete into plaster walls, signage and even collateral to take ownership of concrete rather than treat it as a surface to hide.” added Ansett.

Bounce Interior

Design Solution

We identified the need for two distinct layers of visual branding for Bounce.

Firstly we needed a brand mark that was strong enough, bold enough and unique enough to stamp on everything from venue signage (often in industrial areas) to staff uniforms, merchandise and digital assets.

Secondly we needed a supporting layer of visual language to play the critical role of transforming a large, empty shed into a captivating brand space. The brand mark provided the elements of bold typography and graphic ‘urban stripe’ which we leveraged throughout the space. We also developed a parkour brand montage, featuring photographic parkour imagery that become our major environmental branding asset.


We worked with Bounce to develop the product concept, create the brand name, layers of brand definition, brand visual identity, environmental branding and signage, staff uniforms, website and marketing materials.

Bounce Banner


The launch of Bounce has been the single most successful brand launch in our nearly 30 years of creating brands. The first Bounce opened in August 2012 and within 2 days all sessions were booking-out. Within a week, forward bookings for parties and events had a wait list of several months. The company’s facebook page achieved more than 8,000 ‘likes’ within weeks of opening and is continued to grow rapidly.

“We needed a brand that brought to life our vision for BOUNCE and packaged it in a way that would excite our market. The team at Truly Deeply has achieved this and more”, says Antony Morell, Founder of Bounce Inc. “What I’ve valued most about working with Truly Deeply has been the total collaboration. The process combines everyone’s best thinking and the outcome cuts straight through the noise and excites people about Bounce,” added Morell.

History has shown that Bounce created a new category and a global revolution. The buzz around the Bounce launch led to dozens of copycat brands following them into the market. Within five years Australia boasted a whopping 2/3 of the world’s trampoline centres. Bounce had become a victim of their own success as the market here became saturated. Bounce has since turned their focus to the world market. Bounce now has 7 venues in Australia, a further 30 in 15 countries around the world and boasts more than one million facebook fans globally making them the biggest brand in the world outside the Americas.

Bounce Interior

Bounce Shade

Bounce Free Jumping Sign

Bounce Staff Tee

Bounce Cafe Light Design

Bounce Wall

Bounce Wall

For more information on Bounce Inc visit bounceinc.com.au


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