How Now

How Now – Kind Milk for a new kind of milk consumer

More than any previous generation, Millennials are demanding fresh, healthy and natural food and beverages and they want them provided by companies who care about the environment and sustainable production processes as much as they do.

Step-up to the plate How Now, a new milk producer with a truly unique proposition in the Australian dairy industry. Ethical Dairy (who own How Now) have a mission to stop the separation of calfs from the cow at birth. How Now is passionate about keeping mothers & their young together, as they ought to be, eliminating the killing of Bobby calves. This values-based approach to dairy provides a strong, authentic point of difference that resonates powerfully with the Millennial and Gen Z markets.

The challenge

The $4 billion Australian dairy market is highly competitive. Almost every category of the dairy case from milk to cheese, from dips to yogurt represent some of the largest and most competitive categories in grocery. Milk is one of those crowded categories with lower than average levels of differentiation and brand trust.

Whilst there has been increased interest in the providence of almost every fresh food category, dairy farming and milk production practices are still broadly unknown. Our challenge with How Now was to firstly educate the market (never an easy task) with just enough information to make the value proposition stand-pout, but not so much as to disengage consumers.

Our brand opportunity was to engage with a story that helped millennial consumers identify with dairy farmers who share their values and in tern created an affinity with the How Now brand.

The strategy

The How Now brand proposition of ‘kind milk from a better place’ creates a powerful emotional story that connects with the way millennials wish the world to be. The ‘happy cow’ messaging thoughtfully identifies the reality of bobby calving in the dairy industry, but then sensitively and authentically tells the positive story of why How Now is different and so much better for the cows, their calves, our farmers and for us.

From this strategic platform, we developed the brand name; ‘How Now’. The name plays on the famous phrase ‘How now brown cow’, but further, it highlights the brand’s power to question (how) and challenge the establishment but also provide a better way today (now).

The brand’s belief system is based upon the idea that all that stands between us and a kinder, smooth, velvety milk, is a new way of thinking. We created a brand that not only stands up for cows, it stands out from the herd and provides a powerful and kind alternative for dairy lovers.

The design solution

The brand identity is based on the highly identifiable visual of a spotted cow hide – which although not reflective of dairy cows, is widely and positively associated with cows by consumers. The brand mark design features a friendly, fluid type-mark housed in a soft organic ‘spot’. The brand mark is designed to work as a powerful symbol on its own as well as with the ‘Happy Cow’ tag line lock-up.

We designed a high contrast colour palette that works with the simple label design to give the bottles strong, identifiable shelf presence. The organic spot shape is used as a branded graphic device to create a repeating pattern as the bottles stand together.


Despite seeking to enter into an already highly cluttered and competitive category, How Now is quickly gaining traction. While many brands are caught-up in a price war in a race to the bottom, How Now is demonstrating that a truly differentiated, purposeful brand that shares a set of values with its consumers can charge a premium price and carve out an ever-growing niche.

How Now is available at select retailers and markets in Victoria. Ethical Dairy is now looking to significantly increase production and expand their product range to meet consumer demand.

Client Feedback

“I loved the entire process of working our way through the project, from the workshop, to the naming phase, to the presentations and finally the artwork design. It was all done with such gusto and genuine excitement.

The Truly Deeply team turned our ideas into a cohesive, consistent, standout message, in a world of constant advertising bombardment. Their experience in the industry sets them apart.

I get comments constantly about our artwork and our name. What I absolutely love is that everyone smiles when they look at our label – it was one of my biggest requests and they did it! No small feat.”

Cathy Palmer, Founder, How Now Dairy.

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