Etto Pasta Bar

Packaging Refresh keeps Etto connected to the fast moving millennial market

The fast casual dining market has never been faster moving. Millennials are driving a change in the way we eat through the lightening adoption of delivery. Melbourne new boasts the second highest number of meals delivered per capita of any city in the world.

Etto Pasta is a fast growing chain of pasta bars located in Melbourne and part owned by Truly Deeply Founder; Dave Ansett. The Etto concept is to take traditional Italian food (with a focus on fresh pasta) and translate it into a fast casual format with an equal focus on dine-in, take away and delivery customers.

The Challenge

Since it’s launch to market four years previously, Etto has opened two more restaurants and become a leader in home delivery, increasing sales to more than 3000 customers each week. In the process the humble take away container has evolved to be a critical part of the brand experience.

The pasta pail has transformed into a container with significantly higher insulation properties to keep take away and delivery meals warmer for longer. It has also shape shifted to better reflect the experience of eating pasta from a bowl. At the same time pizzas have become more popular and a range of baked pasta product have introduced a new foil container into the mix.

All these functional demands combined with an evolved confidence in the personality of the brand have been captured, resolved and translated into a new suite of packaging designs.

The Design Strategy

The brand already had a strong red and yellow colour palette, useful for differentiating different sizes of the pasta pails and take away bags. We introduced a bold, diagonal stripe into the brand visual language, which when combined with the street texture of the photographic brand collages and a new suite of brand typography created a unique, confident and contemporary, urban Italian feel.

The Results

“The new packaging design has been a critical part of our brand refresh. The new pasta pails have significantly improved the eating experience for our many take away customers and the new look is keeping us fresh in the minds of our market. We’ve seen an increase of around 10% in sales since launching the new packaging, a great result for the business.”

Stephane Meyer, Founder Etto Pasta Bar.

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