Brand refresh keeps Febfast connected to Millennials

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Our brand work for Febfast keeps them ahead of the curve and highly relevant to their community in the busy not-for-profit space.

Febfast is an Australian not-for-profit based around the idea of abstaining from alcohol (or sugar, or screen time) for the month of Feb in order to raise funds to support the work of organisations focused on reducing the impact of alcohol and other drugs on young people. Created around a largely Gen Y aged community, continued relevance and engagement with their millennial audience is critical for the brand.

We worked with the Febfast board to develop a sharper differentiated brand value proposition and a fresh new brand identity in order to build their profile in their market further, attracting more supporters and increasing the tally of money raised each year.

In the overcrowded not-for-profit space, there are thousands of brands competing for attention, support and donations. Most of these organisations have yet to adopt any level of sophisticated brand strategy, identity design or marketing campaigns. When we stop to consider those who have the highest profile, almost without exception they come from the smaller group of organisations switched on to the benefits of strategic branding.

Although Febfast had a strong grass, millennial roots supporter base, they identified that in order to gain broader appeal and stand-out from the pack, a strategic and professional brand refresh was required.

Our engagement began with brand strategy, drawing insights from their competitive market as well as inspiration from the not-for-profit market overseas. These insights fed the brand strategy process where we provided clarity around the strongest brand proposition and the layers of brand definition required to deliver a truly differentiated brand experience. That strategic brand definition then fed directly into the direction of the new brand identity.

“We defined the guiding thought driving the Febfast brand as ‘creating a space for change’. The thought of ‘Creating space for change’ allowed Febfast to create a sense of community and allowed participants to share a sense of comradeship and identity with other fasters” said Truly Deeply Creative Partner; Derek Carroll. “While the visual language represents the idea of self improvement – that by drinking less you can make more of life – it was backed by the irresistible urge to support those who need a hand to find their own potential.”

The new Febfast branding has seen year on year growth in both participation and revenue raised from the event. This has occurred from a position that had plateaued in terms of both those key business metrics.



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