Home builder focuses brand on a new generation of home buyers

Momu-Brandmark – Next generation home builder brand

A brand to meet the emerging needs of the Gen Y home builder market.

In the Australian home building category, brand differentiation is typically left to product design and price. However, as in so many ways, the new generation of Millennials are changing the rules of how they select a home builder. Momu saw the opportunity to create Australia’s first home builder brand created especially to meet the needs of this market.

Momu is a new brand developed by one of Western Australia’s leading home builders. With a clear view on their millennial core customer, the business was looking to create a brand with the engagement, tech experience and personality to suit. Something entirely missing from the new home builder market.

Momu-Cover – Next generation home builder brand

The new Momu brand needed to be created from the ground-up. The brand had to resonate with authenticity and a value system that reflected their millennial audience. The brand’s success was directly linked to the extent their Gen Y audience felt like this was a home builder born just for them.

One of the qualities that typifies the millennial audience is a demand for brands to lead by their actions. Looking different from the competition was the last layer for this brand that needed to be built to connect with the market and the way they wanted to build a home.

Momu-Brochure – Next generation home builder brand

Research into the core audience showed a genuine distrust from the home building market along with a high degree of frustration. The audience wanted a high degree of involvement in the design and build of their home, and they wanted that to be an easy and seamless process. The brand needed to understand this and reconsider the entire customer journey with fresh eyes. What was needed was a new approach built from the ground up that enageged, inspired and empowered their customers.

Momu – Cards – Next generation home builder brand

The brand strategy was built upon a belief system that connected the heart of the customer to the heart of the business. The brand’s mantra was defined as; “it’s their life, their home and their way”. This customer-centric approach was all about empowerment.

This belief system came to life as a Brand Manifesto, a way for the brand to make a promise to their customers that aligns with the things they beleive to be most important when building a home.

Momu developed an online platform – a signature tool that enabled customers to design their own home online using the brand’s design toolkit. This highly interactive approach lends itself to the brand’s wish to be an educator in all aspects of buying and building a home, and transparent on costs. This approach of engage, inform and let the customer buy when ready runs contrary to the way the category has always worked, but aligns with the way many millennials prefer to purchase.

Momu-Manifesto-Mobile – Next generation home builder brand

The naming brief was born from the brand strategy. We combined crowd sourcing and internal brain storming with client consultation to land on the name; Momu. An invented word, Momu is an iteration of ‘your moment’ and was inspired by the millennial market’s love for living in the moment.

also provided a solid brief for the name. After crowdsourcing, a series of creative workshops and testing, we selected Momu. An invented name, Momu was created from ‘your moment’ and inspired by the audience’s love of ‘living in the moment’.

The name was short, memorable, easy to spell, packed with personality, piqued curiosity and available as both a trademark and domain name.

Momu – Stationery – Next generation home builder brand

Design Solution
Working from a palette of inspired millennial brands from within the category and outside the category globally, we were drawn to a visual style that intersected contemporary typography and architectural form.

The final solution was made-up of customised letter forms, unique to the extent that even the two ‘M’s’ were not the same – just as no two customers or what they desire in a home is the same. Further, drawing on cues of Bauhaus design, the structure of the wordmark celebrate the built form. The letter shapes literally suggest that we can manipulate the form to our will in order to make a home that is unique to each customer.

Momu-Sign – Next generation home builder brand

“I’ve worked with the Truly Deeply team twice before on land development projects in Canberra and Perth and was impressed with their process and outcomes. I approached them for the Momu brand development because I needed a true multi-tiered brand, not just an identity.

The response has been exactly as expected. We’re cutting through, we’re being talked about (by competitors and customer) and the feedback from our target young female audience has been perfect. They get it. They love it.” Dion Warnock, General Manager, Momu.

How we helped Momu
We built the brand strategy from the ground-up, reviewing the market and competitor brands, reviewing customer research to glean insights, developing the brand proposition and layers of brand definition, developing the brand name, product naming strategy, brand identity and design guidelines.

To discover more about the Momu brand and have a go at designing your home, visit their web site.

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