Our new place branding connects St Kilda with the millennial market

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As one of Melbourne’s most iconic suburbs, beach-side St Kilda has been a magnet for tourists, backpackers and locals to it’s bohemian charm, edgy inner city grunge and worn Victorian era elegance. With shopping, beach hopping, markets, festivals, food and bars, St Kilda has always offered diversity, energy and interest, but over a decade had lost a sense of self – and in the process disconnected from its traditional younger audiences.

We teamed-up on this project with the crew from Brandhook who had developed ta vibrant place brand strategy. Our role was to translate that strategy into a brand mark and visual language system that reflected the unique personality of St Kilda, captured the many facets of the place and brand definition, provided the flexibility to represent the hundreds of different businesses, events, organisations and people who make-up the place, and connect with a new millennial generation of locals, visitors and tourists.


As places go, St Kilda is complex and multi-faceted. It has a long history of grand elegance and down at the heel scruffiness. Over the last 20 years St Kilda has re-emerged as a place that is contemporary, bohemian, edgy, hipster, raw, polished and everything in between. One of it’s most charming attributes is that for almost everybody there’s a little bit of themselves reflected in some part of the suburb. Our challenge was to find a way to reflect this brilliant, yet eclectic mix of glittering parts in a single, cohesive place brand identity.


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Design Solution
“The insight that created the foundation of our design strategy was the simple thought of ‘the many parts making a whole’, communicating the sense of diversity of St Kilda through the visual style made up of different and unique elements”, says David Ansett, Founder and Chief Creator of Brands at Truly Deeply.

“From our design strategy, we developed the ‘Million Brilliant…’ brand platform, which became the basis of our brand logotype, visual language and messaging ” added Ansett.

The brand design strategy for this project encapsulated an approach that reflected the spirit and nature of the millennial target audience. The ‘Million Brilliant’ brand platform is as diverse and unique as the target audience. The type mark is colourful, distinctive, confident and individual. The customised and unique style of the letterforms in the brand mark reflect the individualism that is such an important part of millennial culture.

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We brought the new St. Kilda place brand to life through our identity system design which we applied across everything from banners, posters, brochures, signage and environment, apparel and digital media – we even decked-out the iconic St Kilda Tourism Kombi in a new coat of brand imagery.

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