Umii Skin Care

Branding & Packaging design for Australia’s only skin and hair care brand for millennials

Ummi is a health and beauty product brand aimed specifically at the Gen Z and Gen Y markets.

Their eco-friendly, all natural skin, body and hair care product range has been created specifically for the sensitive skin, growing bodies and active life styles of 15 to 25 year olds.

The Challenge

We worked with Umii to develop their brand from the ground-up. We brought in The Brand Maketh, who are experts in identifying product opportunities in the market. Together with our client we identified the opportunity for core customer and product range that has become the platform to build the Umii brand and product range around.

We identified the older Gen Z and younger Gen Y audiences was under-served with skin, body and hair care products developed specifically for their unique physical needs and lifestyles. We also identified that brands currently serving this market shared an approach of gender stereotypes and talked to the audience like kids.

We new the opportunity lay in creating a product specifically formulated for this audience, creating a brand that understands them, their lives and engages them with a genuine authenticity, whilst ticking the boxes their parents may also require.

The Strategy

The Umii brand is all about confident self expression. this audience of older Gen Z and younger millennials is a generation who want to look good at the same time as doing good with products that are good for them. This hat trick of attributes form the basis of the Umii brand strategy.

Created for a generation searching for their own voice and identity, we created a gender neutral brand personality which encourages our audience to boldly make their own mark.

With an audience who are exploring boundaries, making their own way in the world and keen to re-write the rule book, the Umii brand embraces that attitude. Whilst still forming their own view of the world, we understand that much of this generation have a strong belief system around what their products are made of and where the ingredients come from. This trend plays a central role in the way the Umii brand and packaging design heroes its eco-friendly and all natural credentials.

The name

Our naming process included crowd sourcing which allowed for an element of input from a millennial audience. The final brand name was developed from the spark of an idea that came-out of the crowd; translating the idea of ‘You & Me’ (the strength of the many with the power and confidence of the individual) into Umii.

The brand name solution clearly communicates the value proposition that this product range is for each and every individual in our audience community. The use of the double ‘ii’ creates a memorable uniqueness that visually reflects two individuals, and also makes the name ownable with trademark and domain names.

The design

The brand strategy set-out the foundation for our design thinking. Whilst this product is aimed at 15-25 year olds, the solution could not look childish. We took our visual cues from inspiration combined from fashion brands, beauty brands and eco-friendly brands.

The Umii visual brand language reflects the bold confidence of the brand personality, adding style layers of contemporary maturity. The minimal, type oriented design solution is intentionally androgynistic.

The idea of a ‘colour smudge’ is all about leaving your mark, doing things your way without concern for convention.

The final combined brand image being unique in it’s category, confident and mature with a smudge of youthful exuberance. The Umii brand stands out from it’s competitors whist engaging with its audience in a considered, respectful and authentic way.

What our client says

“We have had plenty of great feedback with many commenting that they love the brand and the packaging looks slick.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Truly Deeply. The team are approachable, hard-working and most importantly deliver outstanding results. Their work was so fantastic, we struggled to decide between the two brand concepts they designed for us – we wanted both!

Truly Deeply’s agile approach was perfect for us, particularly as a startup. The team worked closely to us to make sure we were able to pivot as we needed to and execute the right decisions to bring out brand to life.”

Chloe Moorfoot, Director

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