New packaging for TOM Organic taps into Eco-Chic Millennial trend

TOM Organics on Supermarket

New brand work delivers 1500% sales growth for TOM Organic.­


TOM Organic was a business  under-performing to its potential and a brand with a belief system poorly defined and expressed. Tom was the first range of feminine hygiene products accredited by the Australian Certified Organic organisation. At its helm was Aimee Marks, a founder with a vision and belief in changing the relationship between her category, women of the world and the planet.

TOM’s products are 100% biodegradable and made from organic cotton, free of chemicals, bleaches and synthetics. The only non-organic part of the product from top to tail was the small adhesive tabs on the individual tampon packaging.

When we began working with them, TOM was retailing through a handful of independent pharmacies. The brand had been unable to get a foothold in any of the major retailers for the category.


Our client had just been through the process of redesigning her packaging and was left with a feeling that the end result wasn’t right, but wished to get another, informed view. We were introduced originally to provide that. Unfortunately Aimee’s intuition proved correct, and whilst she had been delivered some beautiful looking packaging redesigns, there were two missing components.

Firstly the brand had no strategy, and so neither did the packaging design. There was no clear consumer value proposition, no brand messaging to communicate the brand’s belief system in order to to connect to their audience, and no rationale for choice of visual language in the packaging design.

Secondly there was no thought given to standing out on the retail shelf; no comparison with competitors, no strong visual to catch attention and no brand image to drive recognition and repeat purchase.

Our challenge was to identify the strongest consumer proposition, the core audience, build a brand strategy and definition around the client’s belief system and design a new suite of packaging to engage the customers and communicate the value proposition.

Finally, with a higher price point than competitors, the new TOM branding and packaging needed to tell a compelling story to the market in order for them to overcome the lack of price parity and invest in something greater than the functional benefit of the product.

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The first brand insight we drew was the strength of the businesses underlying belief system to connect with a core audience of millennials. There is a growing demand for brands to be built-on a philosophic and ethical platform – to stand for something important and TOM Organic had that in spades.

As we wrote on the packaging: ‘I believe all women should be free to live the life they want to live – to thrive and dream without limits. TOM was founded on the philosophy that we should never have to compromise the health and well-being of our bodies and our planet.’

This powerful, emotional brand platform spoke clearly to the millennial audience who believed they should not have to compromise their personal well-being, nor that of the planet, and were happy to pay a premium for a product that was part of this movement they passionately associated with.

TOM was clear that this was their belief system, but they didn’t know how to turn that into a brand position, how to rephrase that as a value proposition or how to express that with a brand and packaging design that connected with and spoke to their market.

We identified the opportunity to build a new and distinctive visual language that had a bold and confident style and that married style and ecco consciousness to connect with the growing ‘eco-chic’ consumer trend.

Design Solution

We researched the visual language of ec-chic, exploring brands across many different categories to understand which cues were most effectively connecting with millennial audiences.

As a result, the redesign of the TOM Organic packaging contained a blend of visual cues that were stylish and elegant as well as eco-environmental. The result was both compelling, unique and alluring for TOM’s intended audience. Intentionally the brand design was not too fashion forward, but just accessible and friendly enough for all millennial women to feel TOM Organic was for them.

“The visual cues of the packaging design combine a stylish, contemporary femininity, and a healthy dose of intrigue with a secondary visual language of eco-sustainability. The result is a range of fresh packaging that not only stands-out in the feminine hygiene category, but connects with TOM’s traditional audience, whilst attracting a new, broader set of customers,” says David Ansett, Chief Creator of Brands at Truly Deeply.

Australian artist; Sarah Carter-Jenkins was engaged to create a series of stunning illustrations to bring the design strategy to life. A unique illustration was created for each product in the range to assist with differentiation on the shelf and to create a sense of a unique brand family rather than following the market leaders approach of stamping the same design on everything.



Our work for TOM Organic saw us delivering a business defining brand strategy with a clear and concise brand value proposition and a core millennial customer to whom the brand was aimed at. We refined the brand identity and colour palette, developed a new brand visual language which was expressed on shelf through the new suite of packaging designs. We developed the client’s belief system into a brand story and range of key brand messages which led the brand communication on pack and online.

We relaunched TOM Organic with a range of six SKUs.


With no change to the brand or business other than the work we completed, after many years of trying the TOM Organic range was stocked firstly by National pharmacy chain; Chemist Warehouse, and soon after by National supermarket chain; Woolworths. This happened so quickly that for initial meetings we had not even had time to prepare packaging mock-ups, demonstrating the power of a brand creating a strong new consumer proposition within an existing category.

“As a direct result of the TOM Organic brand repositioning and packaging range redesign we have been stocked by Woolworths supermarkets nationally.” It is still early days, but the resultant increase in market share and revenues, “will be of the magnitude of 1000% in six months – significantly impacting our whole business positively,” says Aimee Marks, Founder TOM Organic.

“Truly Deeply presented the perfect team balance and a deep understanding of not only the TOM visual design journey but also the strategic business pathway. It has been an outstanding and highly enjoyable experience. They have displayed superior authenticity and an impressive ability to engage with and reinterpret our brand to take it to unforeseen territories,” added Marks.

In the time since the launch, TOM Organic has gone on to become the leader of its own category with several new brands looking to follow their path. TOM is now stocked in every major retailer for the category in Australia and is making serious headway in several international markets.

The new packaging was also recognized in a number of national design and packaging awards.

“TOM Organic, feminine hygiene products, is a visually attractive range of packs which highlights a beautifully crafted story for the product. The packaging has been designed to communicate both the brand proposition and tell the brand story which has been perfectly achieved. These packages have added a freshness in design to the category and the range is perfectly suited to their specific target market,” stated the judges of the Awards, conducted by the Packaging Council of Australia (PCA), the national packaging association representing companies across the packaging supply chain.

“Whilst we’re immensely proud of the creative recognition for the work we developed for TOM Organic, we are far more proud of the impact it had on our client’s business. This project demonstrates the power of brand to significantly impact a business when let off the leash and fed with passion, enthusiasm and a mind open to every strategy for business growth.  Within the first six months this brand work had paid for itself  40 times over demonstrating the value is in the return on investment, not the cost” says David Ansett, Chief Creator of Brands at Truly Deeply.

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